A brief introduction...


Hi, my name is Alison, and I am an alcoholic and addict. I grew up in an alcoholic household in central Florida. My entire childhood was filtered through this lens, so my relationship with alcohol has always been tumultuous, unhealthy, and abnormal. Despite witnessing what alcohol did to my family (hint: awful things), I picked up my first drink at age 15. I have never had a social drink in my life. I drank to get drunk, to not feel my feelings, to annihilate any pain or anxiety or insecurity that I felt, to quiet the constant whir of my brain, to sleep. I would proceed to drink with the purpose of getting obliterated for the next 18 years.

During those 18 years, I played Division I tennis at a prestigious university, graduated from a top-tier law school, passed the Bar exam, held down a career as an attorney, then as a consultant, and got married. During those 18 years, I also saw the devastating effects that alcoholism had on my family, buried both of my parents and 3 of my grandparents, went through a painful divorce, and saw the tapestry of my life starting to unravel at a terrifying pace. I also became very physically ill as the direct result of my alcohol abuse and was in and out of the hospital during the last couple years of my drinking. My future was looking very bleak. I am convinced that I would not be alive today if I had not found recovery.

With a whole lot of help, I got sober on August 3, 2012. And I realize now that sobriety has given me what alcohol always promised me: relief, peace, confidence, freedom. Today, life is so beautiful, even when it’s mean.

I currently reside in Boston, Massachusetts, and use all of my saved vacation time to travel, a passion that I only discovered through recovery. I want to see the whole world and hope to spend more of my time traveling in the upcoming years. Here, I will share about all things addiction, recovery, and travel. My mission is to speak to those who have the same affliction that I have and offer hope that there is a beautiful life waiting for us on the other side of addiction.

Shake the disease, find your passion.