the story of how i was able to uncover my deepest passion - world travel - only through my recovery from addiction
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Humble Pie in the Desert and the Kindness of Strangers

To say that the Mojave and Colorado Deserts served me up a huge slice of humble pie this past weekend would be a gross understatement. All I wanted to do was visit Joshua Tree National Park

Thank You for Dumping Me Part 1: No, Really, Thank You

It turns out that getting my heart smashed into a million tiny shards ended up being one of the greatest gifts of my life. Yup, I’m serious. Nope, this is not an angry rant. The

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Alison. I’d like to think I’m a recovery rock star: recovering attorney, recovering athlete, recovering former-married-person, recovering Catholic, recovering meat-eater, recovering (yet PROUD) Floridian, but most importantly, a recovering alcoholic.